Welcome to Wizbloc! A place where kids learn coding in a fun way.
Learning how to code is challenging. Each kid is unique who require different teaching style. We have over a decade long experience in teaching how to code at a college level combined with years of leading kids-centric community activities. Leveraging these experiences, we tailor our teaching styles based on what works best for each and every kid. We believe in keeping our kids-to-instructor ratio small to achieve our goal. Instead of using the “cookie-cutter” curriculum, our teaching methods allow students to have, almost, a one-to-one experience with their instructors.
After School Programs
We have after school programs in coding and robotics for all ages.
Our Camps are about helping kids achieve their creativity
Our camps are offered during school breaks categorized by age groups and leverages programs given all around the year.

Our mission

Every kid is unique. Lets teach each kid uniquely.
Making the next generation tech wizards
Apply tailored teaching approach to each and every kid, leveraging our over a decade long experience in teaching how to code.
We use technologies designed for kids to learn coding in multiple programming languages including phython, JavaScript and swift.

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Comments About Us

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Never cared about coding before. Once I joined the program at wizbloc, I found out that knowing coding is one of the coolest things to learn.
Young coder
I love the coding program at wizbloc. I learned a lot about functions and variables using swift programming language. I enjoy the activities we do during the sessions.
Young Coder
I like the class size at wizbloc which allowed my son to get the most out of the program.